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The King

Published by in massage · 13/8/2016 16:53:00
Tags: massage
Once upon a time there was a man named '. He was inherited from his father Portuguese in a Portuguese garden, and earn a lot by Portuguese Portuguese garden.

One day, the King from the vineyard through Asian massage, he saw a very highlight vineyard, want it very much, and he went to ask, "can you sell all the vineyards to me? I can give you lots of money." "I'm really sorry. The vineyard is my relatives to my heritage, no matter how much money, I can't sell."The king went back, he is not happy.The Queen with him, "what's the matter?" The King told the story to her. The Queen said, "you forget that you are the King! Let me teach you how to do. You can give 'when an officer, and then find a excuse sentenced him to death." The king made, because to the queen words' died, the king got a vineyard. 

Later, the God know this matter, he was very angry, "the King must be eaten by the dog, the Queen must be eaten by birds. Because they are not good people, they took the things does not belong to them. " Later, people found the bodies of the King and Queen, when they are in the outing when they were dead.

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