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I was ejaculating during penis massage in London

Published by Orgasm in Orgasmic massage · 18/9/2016 01:51:00
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She began to hold my penis and then played with, until it is get hard and up. Actually I've always wanted to ask her, if my penis is big or not big, long or not long such silly questions, but at that time i forgot to ask. She saw my penis woke up and began to the anointed with oil, feel that oil is very thick, but it's also very slippery, she began doing the action, about 10 seconds later, I think of a question, so I asked her: "can I touch you?"

She replied yes. so I can't wait and touch her her breasts. Then a whole random touch, her breast is very big, grape is big, but I have no feeling, is likely to be nervous, I'm not excited, feeling like is touched my own flesh. My penis is not soft and not hard.

After 2 minutes or so, she slowly moved, may her hand acid, I continue to touch her whole body and her pussy, She has some fat, bloated belly. Finally, I said: "I would like to ejaculate!She hurriedly paper covered on my belly, then I had orgasm ... And she went out to wash their hands, but the paper as well. The oil on my penis to wipe out, feeling that oil and the oil in the condom.For a moment she came back, I asked her for the paper to wipe the oil, then hurriedly give money, she told me to have a rest, I said no, and then quickly took to the streets.

This is my first time to have massage experience of success, at least if I am going to massage parlor I will be no longer fear, no longer nervous.

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