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Mobile Asian Massage Masseuse London

Japanese sensual Massage London for abdomen. Mainly aimed at little belly, between the navel to the genitals on before the left and right iliac spine as boundaries on both sides. Massage, lie on your back in bed, piled up his hands in the middle of their abdomen, press abdomen, massage, slowly in the frequency of about 10 times per minute, until the lower abdomen with thermal is advisable. Massage sustainable for 5 minutes. Mobile Massage London

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Happy ending Massage for testicles. Men in front of the bed and get up, lie on the bed, natural straight, his legs slightly apart. Rub hot hands, one hand hold the lower abdomen, the other hand thumb and index finger ring testicles, to place it in position. Using the remaining three fingers gently knead testicles, count 81.Then around in hand, testicular repeat in another side. Massage thought to specificity, if the penis erection, to exercise restraint. After massage testicles, can rub along the navel ring, good or poor 81 times each. Mobile massage London

Note that when massage testicles technique appropriate light should not be heavy, light, soft, slow, the principle of uniform. In addition, some of the reproductive system of organic disease patients should not be using this method, such as testicular tuberculosis, epididymitis. Happy ending massage London

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