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Japanese Happy Ending Massage London

I am Nicole, a Japanese girl, 22 years old, a overseas student in London providing happy ending massage London.

Japanese happy ending massage London before going to buy a cheap household can massage cushion or mat, or impromptu pulled a folding mattress in the middle of the floor. If you have a strong table, you can also put a sea in the above pads or blankets. When massage fold a towels, pillows, or blankets. You will also need some lubricant, Asian happy ending massage London oil, powder or emulsion, of course you can also use the essence oil is very popular now, these can make your hands smooth flowing in the Asian massage London. Most experts suggest that use some vegetable oils, such as grape seed, sesame seeds, almonds, or vegetable oil. When use confirm that they are at room temperature, cold oil (paralysis of relaxing the muscles).You can choose one or more naphtha or buy blend oil, you can choose the following in terms of essence is believed to have passion effect essence: Chinese fir, cinnamon, cloves, rose, orange flower, etc., but want to remind you, don't use essential oils on the skin directly. Outcall happy ending massage London

In terms of aroma happy ending massage London technique is relatively soft, because the gentle massage to fire up the most subtle perception, and to make more healthy body and mind.
Aromatic massage SPA technique can actually change, as long as you can master this four principles:
Massage 1, massage with your heart, let the person feel warm.
2, action is slow, not too impatient to make more nervous by hand release massage London. Asks will be felt by massage, may at any time to adjust the hand release massage London strength.
3, cooperate with the massage of breathing in hand release massage London technique, will make the process more smoothly, hand release massage London feels more comfortable.
4, with the help of awareness. To convey the mood of love, warm massage, the massage there will be a completely different feeling, although it is very small, universal, but it really can be felt by heart.
How to apply massage oil
First pour a suitable amount of massage oil into the palm of hand, two tactics palm friction slightly warm again, make palm evenly daub after massage oil, to happy ending massage. Note do not directly pour massage oil in body.

Korean massage London from south Korean family improved and become, is a kind of beauty massage method, with moderate prices in beauty field, also known as the "Korean pine bone". In addition to the "bone" this remarkable characteristics, the main content of the oil massage and hot compress is Korean, Korean massage London also often includes shampoo, manicures, Chinese herbal medicine bath.
Massage time 80 minutes
Main efficacy: beauty
Although Korean massage was used for "bone", but more attractive or its beauty effect. Through technique, beauty massage and facial mask, etc. The use of, can remove facial pigmentation and acne, enhance body skin elasticity.
Other effects: prevention and treatment of soft tissue injury and joint strain, improve muscle nutrition supply, eliminate fatigue, refreshing
Massage details
Korean massage London first part is the "bone", massage along the shoulder blades, spine, hipbone joint use of massage; Relax limbs with medical stone or hot water bag again after heat skin, vertebrae in about 10 minutes in the shoulder joint and cold; After the pore is stretched entirely, such as massage therapist will massage oil into the palm rub hot, and then to push oil to massage the back and limbs.

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