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Happy Ending Massage London

I am Ella, a 23 years old Japanese girl in London.

Fast foot and hand Japanese massage London: foot is one of the most incredible sensitive zone (and most portable), which makes them become the best Japanese massage London small parts in front of the television.Here are two 10-minute procedure you can do: hand - holding their partner's hand, with your hands are both palms up, Japanese massage London the palm of his hand.Then put his hand over, along his back between tendon and bone, use your thumb to press. After repeated movements, gently pull his arm away, like milk and squeeze each of his fingers.Now, outcall massage London the palm part with meat, put his hands on the steering, use your thumb to explore partner hand muscle area, then, will you two little finger into between his thumb and little finger, stretching his fingers to the palm upward as far as possible.Finally, with the two thumb at the same time from his palm Japanese massage London to each finger. Repeat the same action on the other hand.Feet - from the ankle, with both hands finger ring live partner one foot, heel, foot massage and foot outside.

Then, the thumb Asian massage London along the hamstring and bones to the front foot, and kneading the way, do it again.The thumb and forefinger hold each toe, rub your back and forth, and gently pull outward.Him with your thumbs press foot outside small toes below, press, make the pressure for a few seconds.This will stimulate acupuncture points can relieve shoulder pressure. Repeat the same action on the other foot.

12 pleasure points on body from Japanese massage:

1, Low gently massage breast will have intense pleasure and sexual desire.
2, Nipple to respond to a tender caress, to increase sexual excitement.
3, Lips and mouth is very sensitive to touch, can increase the sexy.
4, Massage abdomen will have a relaxing effect, increase sexual response and look forward to.
5, Low thigh massage, besides can slow down the sexual tension can also help the sexy fluid.
6, When touching the earlobe can quickly convey sexy stimulation and cheerful.
7, Low caress nape it caused a very strong sexual excitement.
8, Low light fondle armpits and soft inside of the upper arm, will feel very happy.
9, Hip is sexy, to respond to a powerful massage.
10, Low groins is quite near the organ in sexy.
11, Behind the low knee (knee) to gently massage and touch sensitivity is high.
12, Massage stimulates the great toe abdomen, trigger systemic sexual response.

Japanese massage originated in China and in the power communication by Chinese traders bring forward to. This statement has not been clear confirmed, but even the Japanese medical experts also acknowledged that Japanese massage London and Chinese massage strikingly similar. However, Japanese massage therapist knelt on experience is back with your knees still has a lot of Japanese style Asian massage London and otherwise.
Massage 60 to 90 minutes
Main efficacy: the pain
When you have a headache, backache, lumbocrural pain, menstrual pain, choose Japanese massage is very appropriate, can inhibit directly by muscle stretch reflex spasm, relieve pain symptoms.
Other efficacy: improve skin, relieve muscle fatigue, enhance human immunity, prevention of vascular aging
Massage the details:
To avoid scratch the skin, Japanese massage London therapists often to put on some experience before massage oil. Japanese massage London with finger point to an abdomen, palms or knee operation, supported by them, to use the body weight rather than wrist vertical downward pressure or friction, do not use the swing class action. Oriental massage London therapists in the process of uniform will slowly increase strength, not competitive strength quickly.

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