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Massage in London Heathrow Airport

Name: Coco
Age: 21
Nationality: Thailand
Language: English
Eyes: Brown
Size: 32b-23-34 Build: Slim
Height: 163cm
An independent Services: happy ending massage London. Thai massage and Japanese massage London. Outcall massage London. Asian massage London. Asian touch massage London. Outcall massage Heathrow Airport.
Thai massage according to the method of Asian massage operation is focus on parts to be close to the body, do not move, the strength should be made of light and heavy, do not suddenly pressed by force. According to the application is often combined with oriental massage method, forming a "with" the compound technique, namely when press the power reaches a certain depth, make small slowly rubbing, make the firm and in the soft, is strong and soft. Thai Massage movements, each have each health care function, such as knocking teeth can promote the blood circulation around the teeth, to help make teeth strong and prevent some dental disease; Tongue, have the function of the Japanese massage oral mucosa and gums.
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