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Asian Massage Marylebone London

Name: Yoyo
Age: 22
Nationality: Japanese
Language: English
Eyes: Brown
Size: 34c-23-33 Build: Slim
Height: 160cm
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According to the method of Japanese massage. Contact surface is small, the strength of the stimulus is easy to control, not only can open occlusion, cold pain, but also the health and beauty, is one of the most common health care massage. According to the points on the face and eye as usual, as well as beauty, but also protect the eyesight

Japanese massage London

According to the method. Contact surface is bigger, stimulation is more moderate, is suitable for the treatment of larger area and relatively flat areas, such as the small of the back, abdomen, etc.
Elbow flexion in accordance with the method. To use some elbow flexion with prominent chick on the body surface, this pressure is big, strong stimulation, reason is only applicable to muscular thick parts, such as waist, hips, etc.
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