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Massage Mayfair London

I am Suki, 21 years old, a Japanese girl in London doing happy ending massage London.

Asian massage for Face: gently Japanese massage London for your partner's face can bring high degree of security. With your hands and fingers around his jaw and chin, then the Japanese masseuse or young girl to use massage hands along the jawbone up to the ear, with your fingers upward and outward ease across his cheek, repeat several times. Carefully with fingertips MiaoMa lip with a partner, Asian massage London gently and slowly around your partner lips and lips. Mobile massage London

Japanese massage for Shoulder and back: kneeling next to your partner's head (or standing, if you use the table), take 1 to 2 minutes at the top of the oriental massage London, you will find a series of Chinese acupuncture points after pressuring on your body and you can let the stiffness of the neck are eliminated. Method is: gentle pinch him on the shoulder, then hands thumb pressed his skull at the bottom of the two points in the away from the spine (about 1 inch) 5 seconds, and then along the neck down per 1 inch, pressure again.(after a while, if you press the right place, your partner will tell you). Visiting massage London

Called Big boat massage:
Method of use: big boat is also a kind of long push technique, usually start up in the middle, and arriving at the top, the hands are again respectively along the sides to drag a massage back to the origin.
Commonly used parts: usually used in large area, long action, such as back, the whole leg, also often used as a start and end a Asian massage London action.

Acupressure massage:
Method of use: the thumb to open and four fingers are rectangular, four fingers support on the body, with the thumb on the way to massage.
Commonly used parts: more commonly used, arm, leg ministry line on both sides of the spine. With acupressure along a straight line, fixed-point moves slowly upwards pressure massage.

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Asian massage for penis health care.

Methods to enhance male sexual ability, in addition to drugs or supplements, insist to do the Asian massage for penis health care is the most convenient and effective way to enhance sexual function. Let's use the method of graphic to tell everyone the penis health care massage technique.
Penis health care massage and sex is different, so pay attention to the way don't ejaculation, sexy massage London can ejaculation.(note: each action do 20 to 30 times, to prepare sufficient lubrication, grease can use massage cream also can use baby oil).Then we will now speak up the first step:
Left hand holding the penis, right hand thumb gently at the front of the scrotum.
Make the penis against the abdomen, left hand index finger and middle finger open light pressure on the penis, similar action is right hand gently press on the left hand and the penis, nudge forward.
Right hand holding the penis, left hand into a spiral from down to up.
Rub hands horizontally, crisscross the penis and Asian massage for penis health care.
Make the penis against the abdomen, right index finger gently press the glans penis crown root of the thumb.
Three refers to the fixed penis, right hand right index finger gently press turtles Crown root your right thumb and gently close the glans penis champions league before, and gently rub moves.
Left hand holding the penis up light, right index finger gently anus, to speak, to be sufficient lubrication.
Hands index finger gently press the glans penis lower edge, and gently rub moves.
Left hand holding the penis up light, right scrotum root four fingers gently.
Left hand holding the penis up light, use the root of the right hand gently thighs the. Flanked by 20 times.
Right hand left hand holding the penis up light, four fingers curved shape, section four fingers in light with the right hand pressure scrotum root and the anus.
By massage posture, the right hand thumb and forefinger, middle finger gently knead the glans penis crown root, gently pull forward.
The root of the left hand can hold his scrotum, right hand gently scrotum.
Left hand holding the penis, right hand thumb and forefinger into a ring of light grip scrotum root gently pull down.

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