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Asian Touch Massage London

I am Lisa, a Japanese girl, 22 years old and I study in the college in central London providing visiting massage London hotels.

Although premature ejaculation is a common phenomenon of male sexual dysfunction, affect man's interest in sex, but also for his wife is a matter of the distress, therefore, to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation, wife's assistance is crucial. Here is some couples happy ending massage in the treatment of premature ejaculation method:

1: the wife hand stroked her husband of the glans penis and stem, until approaching degree of ejaculation, then stop, after being excited high ejaculation feeling fade repeat method, so repeated. After a few days or weeks of training, the husband that can tolerate a large number of stimuli without ejaculation. Deepens, along with the training in order to delay ejaculation occurred and batch number can be gradually reduced, finally achieve continuously through the stimulation of long enough without premature ejaculation. Point is every time training to master good stimulation intensity and time, that is to say, to grasp the temperature to achieve the ideal effect. Although this kind of practice, can be done by patients themselves, but the effect is much less than the woman. In addition, this method also can be used for similar training during intercourse, the penis in the vagina ejaculation quickly suspended twitch or pull out, over and over again., of course, in this way, the wife should to cooperate more properly, the wife in the short term, although be interest, but from the perspective of the insufficiency of husband and wife sexy harmony, small sacrifice will bring big results with a mobile massage London.

2: wife often give husband scrotal and testicular sensual outcall massage London, when having sex, the husband's penis into the vagina, due to excessive excitement, the ejaculation, forward retraction of the scrotum and testicles and told her husband to stop the penis twitch. Stay calm, after repeated again. This law can be used in conjunction with the method, the effect is better.

3: wife constantly applying stimulation to the penis, feel ejaculation approached to her husband, the young Japanese lady quickly with her right thumb on the lace-up part of your penis, forefinger and her middle finger will be on the other side your penis, just on the coronary of below. Squeeze pressure 4 seconds, then suddenly relaxed. Pressure before and after the direction is toward to, rather than around the woman with a stomach, and avoid using fingernail pinch or scratches to the penis. Generally in 15 to 30 times training, can achieve the goal of delay ejaculation. Outcall massage London

Hong Kong style massage technique is a doctor in the south guangdong coastal areas, on the basis of absorbing western oil massage technique, in recent years, new methods of a outcall massage London. Mainly including thumb abdominal pressure, step back and pushed oil method.
Massage 40 ~ 60 minutes
Main efficacy: eliminate muscle fatigue
If you feel the neck and back muscle stiffness, choose Hong Kong style massage very well. It has very good efficacy for activating blood circulation and eliminating stasis can obviously regulate, protect and overworked muscles, promote the lactic acid metabolism of muscle fibers, eliminate muscle pain, increase the elasticity of muscle.
Other functions: to improve human nutrition metabolism, outcall massage London the internal organs, moist skin
Outcall Massage London details
1. The mobile massage London therapist with one hand or both hands thumb when applying abdominal pressure, experience can obviously feel acid, swelling and pain.
2. The spine is usually refers to the pressure on the basis of the auxiliary. Massage hands hold on bed sheet or rings, with one foot or both feet pressing to be massage parts, mainly using heel pressing waist, hip, shoulder department; Toes pressing back thigh, on both sides of the spine, cervical roots; Foot pressing back thigh, coccyx and back sides.
3. Push oil massage, massage therapists in experience is back, coated in areas such as the lower limbs, the neck visiting massage London with oil, expand the hands flat, applying to experience back forward, make muscle rolling forward slightly wrinkled.

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